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Matthew Crim specializes in Geometric, Bio-Mech, Black-ink work, Stipple/Dot shading, and traditional Asian/Japanese tattooing.


Scheduling a Consultation:

All new projects require an in-person consultation prior to scheduling a tattoo appointment.  Feel free to bring any reference material that would aid in a custom design by Matthew.

Consultations require an illustration fee to cover drawing and design time.  Due before any artwork can be started, preferred at time of consultation.

Aprox. Size Illustration Fee:
1 Session: $20
Half/Full Sleeve: $50/$100
Full Back/Leg: $150
Cash Only

Tattoo appointments will be scheduled during your consultation.  A deposit is required before the start of your first session. The deposit is applied to the FINAL session of your tattoo. This also covers any late cancellations or “no shows”, in which another deposit must be placed before resuming.

Deposit: $150
Cash Only


Tattoo Pricing:

Tattoo Sitting: $150 per hour (1hr min)
Cash Only

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