Mark Galloway


As an artist, Mark Galloway attempts to grasp and portray the 
subtle truths of a universal reality. His work portrays an energetic, 
interconnectedness of man and the cosmos. Galloway’s fascination with 
Eastern philosophies, medicine, and art is integrated with a love for 
nature and meticulously applied through various mediums. 
Visions, dreams, metaphysical readings and dialogs propel him 
creatively, in hopes of inspiring those who view his work. He is a self taught painter since 1993, started tattooing in 1999 and opened Windhorse in 2010.

Selected Group Exhibitions

1999. The Next Space. No Name / group show.
2003. Kabal

2004. Arts Incubator “Weapons of Mass Destruction” /
group show.
2005. Fahrenheit Gallery “Depth Funnel” / group show.
2006. Powerhouse Gallery “Idiots on Parade” / Book 
signing / Group show.
2006, 2007, 2008 Mercy Seat Studio. “Under the Deaths 
Head” / Group show.
2010. Windhorse Gallery. “Balance” / Solo Show.
2010. Windhorse Gallery. “Mantic Manifesto” / Group 
2010. 2631 Gallery “Immovable Axioms” / Group show
2011. “America Here & Now” Leedy-Voulkus Art Center
2013. Pakistani Cargo Truck Innitiative at Nelson Atkins museum


2007. Best Overall Color. Tihuana International Tattoo 
2008. Best Color Sleeve. KC Real Deal Tattoo 
2011. Best Japanese Tattoo. KC Real Deal Tattoo Convention.
2011. Best Backpiece Tattoo. St. Louis Old School Tattoo Convention
2011. Best Large Color Piece. Portland Tattoo Expo