Chinese New Year – January 31, 2014

By December 19, 2013Art, Friends, Gallery


The Year of the Snake is coming to an end! Join us in welcoming the Year of the Horse, on Chinese New Year’s day, January 31st.

Year of the Wood Horse-

“In Chinese astrology, the Horse is a sign marked by energy, action and a general optimism in life. When associated with an element like Wood, all these traits take on a deeper and more humane attitude. This is because Wood according to Chinese astrology is believed to make a sign more philosophical as well as compassionate in nature.” –, visit for a longer overview, or walk to your local library.

As always, this marks our 4th studio anniversary, and we’re turning this into a full blown celebration at the studio! We’ll have a better run down of artists and events planned as we near the 31st!