DAnni Parelman

Danni Parelman is from Kansas City MO. A lifelong attraction to the underground and the esoteric, and a persistent interest in craftsmanship, tradition, and superstition led her to the world of Tattooing. By a stroke of good fortune, she started working at Windhorse Tattoo in 2015, where she began her tattoo apprenticeship with Mark Galloway in 2016.Danni has a background in Printmaking, having studied screen-printing, intaglio, woodcut and stone lithography. She is particularly interested in the overlap between Print and Tattoo, Art and Craft, Experimentation and Tradition. She works in a variety of tattooing styles: Western, Japanese, color, black-and-gray, and blackwork.  She feels the best tattoos draw upon time-tested methods to create pieces that are bold and readable, while showcasing the unique hand of the artist.

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I'm available on a walk-in basis for tattoos from flash and by appointment to collaborate with clients on custom pieces.

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